Town Ordinances - Code of Indian Trail

The Code of Indian Trail is enforced by all Town Agencies:  Union County Sheriff's Department, the associated Fire Departments, and the Town.


Ordinance #O201027-340

Soliciting, defined as an attempt to sell services, goods or wares, is prohibited on Town property or public streets within the Town unless approved via permit by the Parks & Rec. Department on behalf of the Town of Indian Trail. 

Soliciting on private property is not allowed within the Town unless approved via permit by the Planning Department on behalf of the Town of Indian Trail.  


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Parking Regulations

Ordinance #O190218-306

This Ordinance seeks to improve safety on residential streets throughout Indian Trail and provide sheriff's deputies with more ability to ticket drivers who do not adhere to the on-street parking regulations. Drivers will not be allowed to park in residential areas where the street width is 24 feet or less, and any on-street parking must allow at least 16 feet of clear, unobstructed roadway for vehicles to safely pass.


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Parking on street
Old car

Abandoned Vehicles

Ordinance #O970812-22

Vehicles are considered abandoned when: 

1) left on a public Town street in violation of a law prohibiting parking,
2) left on a public Town street for more than seven days or on Town-owned property for more than 24 hrs., or
3) left on on private property without owner's consent for more than two hrs.


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Health & Sanitation/

Ordinance #O890209-17

A nuisance can included uncontrolled growth of weeds, grass or other noxious vegetation to a height in excess of 12 inches; an open place of concentration of combustible items, such as mattresses, tires or old clothes; an open place of collection of garbage or animal waste; or a number of other things that would be considered detrimental to the public health.


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High grass
Golf Cart

Golf Carts

Ordinance #O151208-231.1

The Golf Cart Ordinance was established to promote the health, safety and welfare of persons operating carts within the Town, and to protect the safety of their passengers and other users of roads. All persons who operate or ride upon carts on roads do so at their own risk and peril, and must be observant of and attentive to the safety of themselves and others.


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Animal Control

Ordinance #O130212-163
Ordinance #O890914-25

The Animal Control Ordinance is to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the Town's citizens and to protect them from rabies transmitted by unconfined, uncontrolled or unimmunized dogs and cats, to regulate dogs and other animals that may be a nuisance or a danger to humans, and to insure that dogs and other animals are treated in a humane manner.   


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Dog on leash

Fire Prevention

Ordinance #O120814-152

The Indian Trail Fire Prevention (Burn) Ordinance prohibits the open burning of yard waste (leaves, tree trimming. etc.)  Public pickup of yard debris is offered in Indian Trail.  Fires for camping, cooking or recreation are allowed.  The Ordinance outlines what is permissible and what is not. 


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Minimum Housing Standard

Ordinance #O080408-58

The Town of Indian Trail has adopted a minimum Housing Standard to ensure that all residential structures are maintained in a safe and sanitary condition. Property owners or property managers must ensure that their residential structures are maintained in a safe and sanitary condition.

This housing standard is a minimum standard, not a "wish list" of what the perfect house would look like. If a house fails to pass this code, it is considered unsafe and cannot be occupied. Such houses also have an effect on surrounding properties. These situations lead not only to immediate health and safety issues but can affect an entire neighborhood.

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Entrance of a home with lots of landscaping