Public Works

Public Works team

The primary responsibility of the Public Works Department is to keep the Town's infrastructure in working order for daily public use. We manage the maintenance of building and grounds, streets and sidewalks, parks, stormwater, fleets, street light requests and solid waste and recycling collection. While these are most of the Department's routine responsibilities, it would be impossible to fully list all of the services that are provided to make the Town the best it can possibly be. Our Department takes pride in providing the residents of Indian Trail with the highest level of services possible while maintaining a budget that allows the taxes to remain one of the lowest in Union County.

The Public Works Department is located at 130 Blythe Drive, Indian Trial, NC 28079.

Operating Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm

  1. Public Works Service Requests

    The Public Works Department can help residents with maintenance issues regarding sidewalks, the stormwater system, streets, street lights, and street signs.

  2. Solid Waste and Recycling

    The Town provides weekly service for trash. Recyclables, and yard waste are collected on the same day but every other week.

  3. Street Lighting

    The Town of Indian Trail provides street lights as one of the services by the Town. The Town provides for installation of a wooden pole and light with overhead lines along with the maintenance and power for the light. Any additional upgrades will be paid by others.

  4. Street Sweeping Program

    Established in response to federal and state clean water regulations, the program will remove debris from streets and gutters before they can enter the storm drain system. The removal of dirt and debris from Town streets will provide a healthy, safe and attractive environment for the residents of Indian Trail.

  5. Other Utilities

    There are a number of utility needs in Indian Trail that are not maintained by the Town, but by an outside entity - such as electricity, gas, traffic signals and more. Find out where to look for more information on those issues.