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Parks & Recreation Programs Survey

  1. The Town of Indian Trail Parks and Recreation Department is committed to customer service and making the entire program experience is the best that it can be. One of the most effective ways to gauge our performance and improve our ability to serve our customers is through our Parks and Recreation Survey. Please take 5 minutes to provide honest feedback.
  2. How did you hear about the program?
  3. Thinking about your most recent program participation, please select the closest agreement to the statements:
  4. Staff treated me with courtesy and respect.
  5. Program was engaging.
  6. Registration was quick and easy.
  7. Overall quality of the program met my expectations.
  8. The program content was well organized.
  9. The instructor communicated clearly.
  10. I would participate in a similar Parks and Recreation activity in the future.
  11. Would you like to be contacted in reference to your most recent program experience?
  12. Leave This Blank: