Town Initiatives

The Town of Indian Trail is committed to providing the best possible service, support and protection for its citizens and businesses. Although the Town's extraordinary growth in the last decade has presented countless issues, difficulties and opportunities, Indian Trail can be proud of its efforts and initiatives in striving to become a cherished community.

From “Crossing Paths” - our Branding efforts to find our united values and vision; to “Safety, Streets, and Parks” - the Town’s most recent initiatives on Public Safety, Transportation and Public Parks; below are a few initiatives that we would like to share with you. Enjoy what your Town has accomplished in the past, and what we can look forward to in the future!

In the Fall of 2008, Indian Trail embarked on a special project to rebrand the Town’s official seal as well as develop a new marketing system. With a series of public meetings and the expertise of Arnett Muldrow and Associates, the Town successfully captured Indian Trail’s image, history and emotion in the new branding system. Check IT out.

New Website
In early 2009, Indian Trail released its new website, In addition to incorporating much of the new marketing material from the Branding campaign, the site features an interactive calendar, citizen feedback forms and a wealth of information, forms and procedures. Let us know what you think!

Town Surveys
In October 2008, the Town of Indian Trail contracted with Research and Training Specialists, Inc. (RTS, Inc.) to conduct a scientific survey of the citizens of Indian Trail to determine citizen perceptions, attitudes, needs and expectations regarding the Town. During this time, a similar survey was conducted with local business owners throughout the Town. The results of the surveys were presented at the Jan. 13, 2009 Council meeting by RTS, Inc., for the greater benefit of the residents of the Town.

The state of North Carolina mandated that Indian Trail begin a Stormwater program in 2005. Indian Trail funds the program through the stormwater utility fee. These fees, assessed to both residential and commercial properties, provide the funding necessary to satisfy state and federal requirements for stormwater programs. Indian Trail Stormwater Services is responsible for implementing water quality programs, ordinances, public outreach and education, as well as the repair and construction of stormwater issues in order to improve the general water quality within the Town. Residents can report stormwater problems online, by phone call or in person. Visit the Stormwater Services homepage.

Street Acceptance
In an effort to provide better service to the residents, the Town has initiated a Street Acceptance Policy. The policy allows state-maintained subdivision roads or private roads a means to voluntarily convert maintenance responsibilities to the Town. The Town accepted nearly 30 miles of new streets in July of 2009.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans
The Town of Indian Trail was awarded a grant from the state to prepare a Pedestrian Plan in 2007 and a Bicycle Plan in 2009. The Town successfully adopted a Pedestrian Plan in January 2009 and is beginning planning efforts for the Bicycle Plan. These plans provide a framework to implement a connected network for pedestrians and cyclists to safely reach destinations. These plans connect directly with the Town's Comprehensive Land Use Plan, adopted in 2005, which centers on making Indian Trail more pedestrian friendly.

Advisory Committees
The Town has established several committees that meet on a monthly basis. The committees are comprised of appointed citizen volunteers who are all dedicated to study issues and work on projects to help better the Town. Town Council will often direct an initiative to be studied and will send it to a committee for review. For a full list of Committees, please visit the “Town Committees” page located under “Boards and Committees.” There you will find information for each committee, including current projects, agendas and even information on how to apply to a committee. Membership terms are staggered which means that the Town has openings for new applicants at least once a year for each committee. 

Indian Trail Farmers Market
In 2009, the Town of Indian Trail started its first regularly occurring Farmers Market. The market was created so residents of Indian Trail and the surrounding area could enjoy fresh food each week from local farms and artisans in and near Union County. The market is a grower's only market meaning that the only produce sold is grown by the farmers themselves. In addition to food, the market has several non-food vendors selling items such as handmade jewelry, soy candles and handmade soaps.

Tree City USA!
For two years, Indian Trail has been recognized as a Tree City USA community. Sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation, this prestigious recognition requires that Indian Trail establish a tree board or department, a tree care ordinance, a community forestry program with an annual budget of at least $2 per capita and an annual observance and proclamation of Arbor Day. Last year, Indian Trail received the Tree City Growth Award that was presented at the Town’s annual Earth Day Arbor Day in April. Check out Indian Trail’s Tree City USA homepage.

Unified Development Ordinance
On Dec. 30, 2008, Town Council adopted the Unified Development Ordinance (otherwise known as the UDO). The Town began working on the UDO in September of 2006 as part of a long-term, coordinated effort to manage the rapid growth that was taking place in Indian Trail. The intent of the document is not simply to regulate, but rather to implement the Town’s vision as expressed within the Comprehensive Plan, the Downtown Master Plan, the Pedestrian Plan and the forthcoming Parks Master Plan.

2010 Census - Complete Count Committee
In August 2009, the Town formed its first “Complete Count Committee” (CCC) in an effort to educate the citizens of Indian Trail about the importance of participating in the Census. The committee is composed of Town residents representing the business community, professionals, the Hispanic community, religious congregations and the average citizen. The CCC’s aim is to dispel myths and fears about participating in the census and to help overcome apathy by pointing out the how our town will benefit from federal funding opportunities by having an accurate assessment of Indian Trail’s demography.

Park Plan
In early 2009, Indian Trail began the Parks Master Plan process. As a community that experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, Indian Trail has recognized the need for parks and recreation opportunities within the Town. The Parks Master Plan assesses, identifies and recommends a recreation implementation strategy for the community. The Parks Master Plan process has been one of public participation and input and is heading for adoption in late 2009. The Plan is funded by the ½ cent park allocation fund the Indian Trail Town Council started in 2008.

Indian Trail Selects ABC Board
On Feb. 25, 2010, the Indian Trail Town Council appointed three persons to the newly established Indian Trail Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The selection was based on each applicant’s interest in public affairs, good judgment, knowledge, ability and good moral character. There were 13 highly qualified applicants who interviewed for the three Board positions.