Frequently Asked Questions



Who should I call for something that needs police attention?


Calling 911 will get information to an officer in the quickest manner. If the matter is not an emergency, you may call the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 704-283-3789. You may ask that the officer simply call you if you can not meet with one. While some matters will require meeting with an officer, simple matters that can be handled over the telephone can help conserve time and fuel.



Is the Sheriff’s Office at the Indian Trail Town Hall staffed with a deputy at all times?


No. Patrol Deputies use the Union County Sheriff's Office Indian Trail Division Building, located at 109 Navajo Trail (building directly behind the Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center), to do reports and other office duties, but currently there is not an officer assigned to work at the location at all hours. If you need an officer to meet you at the Town Hall, you may call the above number to request someone. 



How can I get a speed bump installed on my street?


First determine if your street is maintained by your development (private), the Town of Indian Trail, or the N.C. Department of Transportation. You must contact the organization that maintains your roadway to inquire about traffic control devices. The Union County Sheriff’s Office does not install or maintain devices such as speed bumps, stop signs, or speed limit signs. If you observe a traffic control device that is damaged or missing on a state maintained road, you may contact 911 to have NCDOT notified.



I have seen the roadside radar trailer used to help deter speeders.  How do I go about requesting the trailer for a specific location?


You may either call the Union County Sheriff's Office at 704-283-3789, or email Lieutenant Chase Coble at to request the radar trailer or request traffic enforcement.


Please provide details such as road name, nearest crossing street or block range, and the day of week and time of day that you observe repeated violations. Not all areas are suitable for the radar trailer's application, but it is an effective tool to deter speeding in some location.


Can I contact the Sheriff’s Office to request an extra patrol of my home or business while I am out of town?


Yes. When you call, provide details such as cars left on the premises, authorized persons, contact numbers, duration of request, etc.


Who should I contact about attending a community meeting to present information from Sheriff's Office activities in Indian Trail?


You can contact Deputy Sandy Shaw-