Beer - Wine Privilege License

Application Process

The Town of Indian Trail issues a Privilege License for both 'On-Site' and 'Off-Site' retail of Beer and Wine products. 

The North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission provides key detailed information on the permitting and product compliance process, including all Federal, State and Local permits needed to conduct Beer and Wine retail sales.   

The NC-ABC Commission should be your FIRST source for information. 

Visit the NC-ABC Commission Website

  • In addition to submitting your NC-ABC Commission Application for ABC Retail Permit, you will need the following forms and applications from the Town of Indian Trail:

    1. The Local Government Opinion Form 
      * The Designated Opinion Contact for Indian Trail is the Town Manager

    2. The Inspection / Zoning Compliance Form
      * To ensure proper building inspections and zoning compliance

    3. A Release and Waiver Form
      * Used to obtain past arrest and criminal records by the UCSD; also needed is a copy of Drivers License

  • Upon Approval and Issuance of the ABC Permit by the State, you must then apply for the Town's Beer - Wine Privilege License.

* Town of Indian Trail Application for Beer - Wine Privilege License

Contact  Indian Trail for further information: