Voluntary Annexations

What is a voluntary annexation?

A voluntary annexation is when a property owner submits a petition to the Town requesting that their property be made a part of the Town's Corporate Limits. The Town then extends its services, laws, and voting privileges to meet the needs of residents living in the newly annexed area.

An annexation can either be "contiguous" or "non-contiguous". A property is classified as "non-contiguous" if it does not directly boarder the town, is within two miles of the primary corporate limits of the Town, and is not closer to any other municipality.

What's the Process?

In April of 2011, the Indian Trail Town Council waived all Town-related annexation fees for applications and public hearings. An applicant still must follow state laws and regulations, including any associated costs.  In regards to the process, there are several steps to take to become annexed by the Town, including petitions, public hearings, and notifications.  In general, the process can take up to 90 days, depending on when the petition is received by the Town and routed to other agencies.

We can help with the process!  Please Contact Us for more information on how to become a part of Indian Trail.  In addition to outlining the annexation process, we can also provide a dedicated annexation coordinator to help guide you through the applications, and conduct the proper notifications. 

What does the Town of Indian Trail have to offer?

The Town has much to offer new residents! The Town was recently identified as one of the Top Ten Best Towns across the country for families to live in, due to its affordable housing, good neighbors, green space, low crime, financial stability, and an A+ public school system.  The Town also contracts for additional law enforcement services with the Union County Sherriff's Office, including a dedicated Community Resource Deputy.  A recent survey conducted in late 2010 found that the Town rated 11% above the national average with its citizen's level of satisfaction with the overall quality of services provided by the Town.

Additional services include -

  • Town of Indian Trail can respond to complaints and act quickly
  • If Indian Trail "owns" the road, road repairs can most likely be done much quicker than waiting on the NCDOT process
  • Waste management services are included in the Indian Trail 14.5 cents/per $100 tax rate  Our tax rate is the lowest in North Carolina for any town anywhere near our size (33,518 per 2010 U.S. Census)
  • Residents would be able to participate in Indian Trail elections
  • A force of 18 extra contract UCSO deputies are provided by the Town of Indian Trail for Indian Trail residents in addition to "zone" county deputies
  • Zoning and ordinance protection is provided by the Town of Indian Trail - i.e. teen curfew, nuisance ordinance, appearance of properties, etc.  Currently these would not apply to unincorporated Union County residents
  • New and expanding town parks
  • Great family events and parades

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