Annual SCM Inspection Program

Per the Town’s Post-Construction Administrative Manual: all developments within Town limits are required to have an Operations and Maintenance Agreement for all SCMs (Stormwater Control Measures) formally called BMPs. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that each SCM receives adequate maintenance so that it can satisfactorily perform its pollutant removal function. The agreement also designates the responsible party that will be accountable for maintaining the SCM. It serves as a legal document to ensure routine maintenance that outlines specific activities that should be completed for each SCM.

This Agreement requires that each SCM be inspected by a N.C. Registered Professional Engineer on an annual basis. State and local regulations require an annual inspection of all structural SCM(s) to ensure the proper function of these structures. This inspection will focus on key structural components, sediment capacity, and maintenance practices.

If you have any questions, please contact Adrian Moritz at the Town of Indian Trail Engineering Department (704) 821-5401.

Download the SCM Annual Inspection Form