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Agency Donation & Sponsorship Policy


The Town of Indian Trail (Town) occasionally has a public interest in supporting local organizations with donations and sponsorships with public funds. The allocation of public funds shall be transparent, consistent, and assist the community relations within Indian Trail.


During the annual budget process, the Town Council may allocate a dedicated amount of public funds to be used on an annual basis for donations and sponsorships. The Town Council may only allocate a public fund donation or sponsorship of up to $3,000 per organization or cause per every 2 (two) annual budget cycles (FYE 6/30). 

The local organization shall fill out the Donation & Sponsorship Form and submit the form to the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk shall contact the local organization and request they send a member representative to attend a regular Town Council meeting before the donation and/or sponsorship is considered by the Town Council. After a presentation by the person or organization, the Town Council may allocate the funds with guidelines in how the funds shall be spent. 


  1. The Town Council may only give to organizations that are providing beneficial services to the citizens of Indian Trail. 
  2. The Town Council shall only give to causes which have a direct benefit to Indian Trail residents as a whole. This includes funds to non-profit or private events that are open to the public, contributions to residents for travel purposes in representing Indian Trail, for fundraising events in which the public funds will assist a capital purchase that benefits Indian Trail residents, or capital projects that show substantial benefit to the community as a whole.
  3. The organization shall show receipts on how the funds were spent. If the funds are not spent within the guidelines approved by the Town Council, then the Town Council will expect to be reimbursed by the local organization.
  4. The funds shall not be used for any annual operating budget for a program, non-profit organization, private organization, or school organization.
  5. If the Town Council gives a donation for travel expenses the person or organization shall make a report to the Town Council on the educational aspects of the event or traveling experience.