How to Report a Code Violation

Prepared Information

The Town provides a variety of ways in which you can file a code violation. Please be prepared for specific information such as:
  • Address of the Property
  • Contact Information Including the Complainants' Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Detailed Description of the Situation
  • Length of Time You Have Observed the Situation

How to File the Violation

Ways to file a code violation include:

Follow-Up Procedures

Town staff responds to code enforcement complaints according to the impact of the violation on the community. Situations that appear to pose a serious risk to health and safety are given top priority; others are pursued in the order in which they are received.

For all types of code complaints, the first step in the follow-up procedure is personal contact by a Town staff member to see if a code violation exists and to request compliance. If the individual responsible for the situation is not available or appears unwilling to voluntarily correct the code violation in a timely manner, a notice of violation or a citation may be issued.

The Town may also take court action if the situation poses a significant risk to the community or if the individual has ignored previous notices/citations.