Existing Building


If you are opening a new business in an existing building or even moving a current business to an existing building, the Town requires that you obtain the proper permits. You can apply and track those permits online. Contact the Indian Trail Planning Department for more information on what permits you will need.

Zoning Verification Application

Any business moving into a building is required to submit a Zoning Verification Application. The purpose of this permit is to verify that the proposed business is appropriate for the zoning designation. Depending on the conditions of the site, you may be required to bring certain aspects into compliance with the Town Ordinance. Examples of this include, additional parking, installing a dumpster enclosures, etc.

Interior Upfit Permit

If you will be doing interior work and pulling electrical permits from the County Building Inspections Department, you will also be required to receive an Interior Upfit Permit. This permit must be processed to verify that you will be doing interior work only.