Town Annexation

The term “Annexation” refers to the extension of the Town’s boundaries into an adjacent unincorporated area. Or, put more simply, it means making an area that is currently considered “Unincorporated” an official part of Indian Trail - extending all the services Indian Trail residents currently receive to your home.

In fact, you may currently live in Unincorporated Union County and not even realize you aren’t an Indian Trail resident, meaning you are missing out on a number of benefits such as free or reduced cost admittance to Indian Trail amenities and programs, the ability to run for local office or vote, or free trash and recycling service.
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Did you know that becoming an Indian Trail resident gives you access to:

Curbside Garbage & Recycling Collection

  • You'll see no additional charge for garbage/recycling pickup
  • As well as for yard waste and bulk pick-up

Town amenities and Parks & Rec programs

  • You'll get free and reduced-cost access to programs and classes like Summer Camps, Senior Field Trips and much more.
  • There's no cost for residents to use the Dog Park
  • Residents get reduced rates for rentals at Town Hall & parks
  • Residents get Open Gym access to Carolina Courts at no cost.

Accessibility to local elected officials

  • You’ll be represented by people who live in your community, and can have a bigger say in local issues. You also will have the ability to serve on a local board or committee and have an even greater impact on your community.

Extra security right next door

  • The Indian Trail bureau of the Union County Sheriff's Office is located in the heart of Indian Trail, with 25 deputies assigned to your town and located right in Downtown Indian Trail when you need help.

What other benefits are included with annexation?

 Code Enforcement Services

The Town Code Enforcement team safeguards the health and quality of life of residents and helps maintain property values by focusing on some of the following issues:

  • Yard maintenance and excessive grass height: The Town prohibits the open storage of junk/debris (i.e. garbage, trash, appliances, etc) as well as grass exceeding 12” in height. The Town permits the storage of one unregistered vehicle, however, it must be stored within a garage or under an appropriate cover in the rear yard. Town residents enjoy having these standards in place to help maintain property values and to have an attractive community. Please refer to the Indian Trail Municipal Code for additional information.
  • Outdoor fire: Open burning is not permitted within the Town of Indian Trail with the exception of some land clearing activities and small home fire pits. The benefit of the Town providing regular yard waste collection and enhanced fall leaf collection is that residents no longer need to burn vegetation debris.
  • Animal control ordinance: The Town has an animal control ordinance that requires dogs to wear identification tags outdoors, not be kept in a manner that creates a nuisance for neighbors or the general public, and other minor requirements. Dogs must also be kept on a leash or secured by a fence or other restraint unless located on the owner’s property and under their control. The full ordinance can be reviewed at Indian Trail Municipal Code.

Street Maintenance & Lights

In the event that subdivisions located within unincorporated Union County would like to consider annexing into the Town, the Town will inspect all neighborhood streets (pavement, signage, marking, lighting and fences) including storm drainage (pipes, basins and ponds) to determine if streets are eligible to be taken over and maintained by the Town upon annexation.

Town maintained streets are swept twice a year and repaved as necessary. Town streets also are eligible for street lights.

Sample Cost Difference 
* Call Town Hall for a quote tailored to your home
Fee Amount
Property Taxes ($200,000 Home) +370.00
Stormwater +53.10
Garbage -$300
Total Difference +$123.10