Development Projects in Indian Trail

  1. Introduction
  2. In Progress
  3. Approved
  4. Denied/Withdrawn
  5. Completed

The Town of Indian Trail continues to grow! Click on the tabs above to view the status of development projects within Indian Trail, including residential, retail, commercial and light industrial. 

The above tabs represent the project stage of development. Click on the project name within the tab to learn more details. Below are the definitions of terminology associated with the stages of development:

  • Proposed: The project concept has been submitted for review by Town staff/committees. A final decision will be made by the Town Council at an upcoming Town Council meeting. This status is only for conventional or conditional rezoning. 
  • Town Council Approved: The project concept has been reviewed and the conventional or conditional rezoning has been approved by the Town Council. Site plans may now be developed and submitted for review by the Planning and Engineering Departments. 
  • Under Review: Site plans are under review by the Planning and Engineering Departments (for projects that are allowed "by-right"). 
  • Site Plan Approved: Site plans have been approved and construction operations may now begin. 
  • Under Construction: Construction operations are in progress. 
  • Denied: The project was not approved by the Town Council or by the Planning/Engineering Departments. Pending further action from the developer. 
  • Withdrawn: The developer/applicant has withdrawn their petition for rezoning or site plan review. 
  • Completed: Construction is complete. 

You can also view the Interactive Development Project Map to see where the projects are located within the Town. The map allows you to search by address, project type, project name, or place. 

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